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I'm embarrassed to say I fell for one of their "shows" in Miami. I'm a photographer in my spare time, and they found my work on Instagram.

In short, you have to sell 20 tickets ($25 each) to participate in the event, which is harder than it sounds. If you don't sell enough tickets, you have to pay the remaining balance. They provide you with a small, rickety gridwall panel. They promised lighting, but that never happened.

The venue was very dark and grungy. In addition to artisans, there were musicians and dancers. I had expected low-key acoustic background music. NOPE!

It was all rap music. They placed me right next to the stage, and it was SO loud. I could not hear anything. Forget trying to speak with potential clients, because no one can hear anything over the noise.

A group of dancers decided to have a dance off next to my stall, several of my pieces were damaged because they kept knocking into the gridwall. I tracked down the event organizer and explained my situation, she was like "oh yea, sorry". I packed up and left after an hour. I didn't sell a single thing.

Every person that stopped at my booth tried to buy on the cheap. Sure, I'm not Ansel Adams; but I put a lot of work into my images. There's skill, post editing, equipment, travel, scouting - a lot goes into it.

And when people ask to buy a signed and matted 8x10 for $10, that's insulting. So, tl; dr - RUN, DON'T STOP TO PACK

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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